General information

This webpage is devoted to news about the roof, stonework and leadwork repairs of Balfron Church in Stirlingshire, Scotland. In 2016 it was clear that work was urgently needed on the church's walls and roof to make the building watertight. Over the Christmas period in 2015 we had needed to shut the Church after serious ingress of water had made using the Church impossible. We set about a huge fundraising exercise, with the community organising many great events to raise money. We also had significant grant income from a wide range of very generous charitable organisations (details will follow soon). With the money raised to complete this project, work started in May 2017. BEFORE: You can find photos of the condition of the roof before work started by clicking here . DURING: Images from while the work was being carried out can be found here . AFTER: You can find photos of the repaired roof here . Balfron Church website We've